Women on a Mission!

Hear fascinating stories from innovative and pioneering women around the globe and get to know the person behind the success story - you know, the one who has experienced the same kind of doubts, fears and tough times as most of us have.

Look out for bonus ‘How To’ episodes where our Co-Hosts, experienced leaders and Non Executive Directors Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, explore common career issues and share practical and proven tools to tackle these challenges.

How to Discover Your Strengths and Thrive

How To Episode | Episode 151

Leaning into your strengths is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do as an individual to progress your career AND enjoy it more.  And if it’s that important we figured we should have a conversation about this! So we did! :-) In this week’s episode, Claire and Greta have a lot of fun talking about everything you need to know to own your strengths, thrive and feel more fulfilled. Wherever you’re at in your career, we can all benefit from pausing and asking ourselves “how much am I using my strengths this week?” ...

The Amazing and Creative World of Immersive and Extended Realities

Interview | Episode 150

Today you are coming on tour with us to a newly opened, state of the art immersive technologies research centre at Portsmouth University in England.  The CCIXR, or Centre for Creative and Immersive Extended Reality, is the UK’s first facility where the latest in special effects, gaming and virtual reality technologies are all brought together.  Come with us as we learn all about this cutting edge facility from the Centre’s Business Director, Pippa Bostock and Specialist Technician and Producer, Hattie Ball...

Making the Leap from Corporate to Startup – Maya Hari

Interview | Episode 149

We’re super excited about our guest this week. She’s a technology veteran who’s just made the leap, after a long career with big global tech brands, to run a climate tech startup in Singapore.  Maya Hari spent over 15 years in the digital media, mobile and e-commerce industries, working in the US and in Asia Pacific with companies such as Google, Samsung and Microsoft. She also led Twitter’s operations in Asia Pacific. Now she’s taken up the reins as CEO of a startup called Terrascope with a mandate to scale the young venture...

Bringing Nature Indoors – Belinda Everingham

Interview | Episode 148

This week we have a treat in store for you: an Australian entrepreneur who’s literally bringing nature indoors with her creation of a whole new segment using Australian native botanicals for products such as hand wash, cleaning products, and dog shampoo.  Founder of Bondi Wash, Belinda Everingham, launched her business in 2013. Today, the premium Bondi Wash range is sold and known around the world ....

4th Birthday Special – Highlights & Memories

Bonus Episode | Episode 147

We can hardly believe it but Don’t Stop Us Now! is officially 4 years old!  It was quite a different world back when we launched in 2018. Covid wasn’t a ‘thing’, working from home was often seen as a privilege, and organisations never would have believed they could ‘convert’ to digital and remote operations as easily and rapidly as they did. We’ve had a ball going back through the 146 episodes of the past four years to bring you this special episode featuring wonderful highlights and memories. We also identified a few key incredibly helpful themes that keep cropping up with our incredible pioneering and innovative female leaders (83 so far and counting).  You’ll also hear about ....

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