Women on a Mission!

Hear fascinating stories from innovative and pioneering women around the globe and get to know the person behind the success story - you know, the one who has experienced the same kind of doubts, fears and tough times as most of us have.

Look out for bonus ‘How To’ episodes where our Co-Hosts, experienced leaders and Non Executive Directors Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, explore common career issues and share practical and proven tools to tackle these challenges.

Stefanie Nissen – Style & Hope Shine Through

Interview | Episode 132

What do you do when your startup, that’s just starting to get traction, has to be put into effective hibernation thanks to a global pandemic? What do you do when that pandemic lasts 2 years and counting? Find out what this fashion and travel entrepreneur has done and be moved by her stories of courage, hope and resilience....

Future Proof Me – Crowdfunding Success

Future Proof Me Mini Episode | Episode 131

This week’s mini episode is all about crowdfunding and in particular equity crowdfunding.  One of our guests has proven to be a master at successfully completing two extremely impressive equity crowdfunding campaigns. We’re talking about Brianne West, the New Zealander serial entrepreneur and founder of global sustainable cosmetics company, Ethique. In this mini episode you’ll hear Brianne explaining why she felt crowdfunding was best for her and then shares her views on what it takes to be successful if you’re wondering if crowdfunding is for you....

How to Shine on LinkedIn

How To Episode | Episode 130

With so much talk about the ‘Great Resignation’ and all the job changes that are occurring as a result, what better time to make sure your LinkedIn profile is working for you?  In this episode we share some valuable ‘insider’ tips and gain an insight into how recruiters use LinkedIn to find the right people. We’ll also hear from US based Executive Resume writer and expert Donna Svei who will share insights you may be surprised to learn.  And you’ll glean some valuable tips to ensure that you are doing yourself justice on this all important platform. 

Future Proof Me – Beating Burnout

Future Proof Me Mini Episode | Episode 129

We were lucky enough a few weeks back to run an online seminar on burnout with the best selling author, psychologist and leadership expert, Dr Jacinta Jiménez, and, as so many people signed up, we decided we should revisit Dr Jacinta’s amazing advice from our conversation on the podcast with her some months back.  In this info-packed mini episode, you’ll hear that burnout for all of us is caused by one of six mismatches between who we are and our work or roles. Then you’ll hear how using Dr Jacinta’s PULSE model can help you keep burnout away....

Tessa Clarke – The Difference One Person Can Make

Interview | Episode 128

We’re excited to be bringing you an inspiring and very relevant guest this week given world leaders have been meeting at COP26 in Glasgow for vital climate talks as this episode goes to air.  Tessa Clarke is Co-founder and CEO of the international food sharing and household goods app called OLIO. Her passion for sustainability and for creating simple ways to help all of us to take simple but powerful steps to help the environment is just what we need right now! 

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