Women on a Mission!

Hear fascinating stories from innovative and pioneering women around the globe and get to know the person behind the success story - you know, the one who has experienced the same kind of doubts, fears and tough times as most of us have.

Look out for bonus ‘How To’ episodes where our Co-Hosts, experienced leaders and Non Executive Directors Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, explore common career issues and share practical and proven tools to tackle these challenges.

Future Proof Me – Founders’ Reality

Future Proof Me Mini Episode | Episode 103

This week we look at the realities of being a startup founder. Becoming an entrepreneur and a founder is increasingly popular, even with school students where a recent survey showed that 40% of them now want to be entrepreneurs when they complete their studies.  But it’s not all fame, fortune and delightful autonomy if you intend to build a business that will scale and survive. And we figured, who better to hear what being a founder is really like than one of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs, Cyan Ta’eed, the Co-Founder of the hugely successful digital marketplace, Envato (valued at over a billion dollars)...

Heidi Hackemer – On Navigating the Worst

Interview | Episode 102

We have a very special episode this week because we’re sharing the vulnerable story of how one of our guests was subsequently fired from a high profile role in the US and how she navigated her way through the dark times that followed. That guest is Heidi Hackemer and what she shares in this episode is so generous and valuable for all of us to hear; after all nothing is permanent and plans fall over on a regular basis. Heidi is a leading creative who had her own brand agency in New York and also headed up the Creative Studio at the philanthropic Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI) in California. Not long after our first conversation with Heidi in July 2018 things went wrong, very wrong...

Future Proof Me – Master Meetings

Future Proof Me Mini Episode | Episode 101

This week’s future-proofing mini episode is all about making the most of meetings you attend at work. And seriously, this is one of the most important tools you have to develop your visibility and your reputation.  How many times have you sat through a meeting trying to jump in and contribute, or worse, left a meeting realising you hadn’t said anything at all? Hear some terrific advice from corporate highflyer and Honeywell’s President & CEO of Honeywell Connected Enterprise, Que Dallara who’s a strong believer in making sure you’re visible if you’re at the table. ...

Mouna Aouri – Supporting Female Entrepreneurs to Realise their Dreams

Interview | Episode 100

This week’s 100th episode features a woman who has a pretty incredible story. Her name is Mouna Aouri and she’s a Tunisian who started out as a bridge engineer, including working for 7 years in Japan. (And Japan is NOT an easy place for women to work!). After running a successful business in her home country of Tunisia, Mouna now works in Singapore with Beacon Fund which is investing in female entrepreneurs in South East Asia. Not only that, she launched and runs her own online community supporting women entrepreneurs called ‘Woomentum’. 

Future Proof Me – It’s Not Personal!

Future Proof Me Mini Episode | Episode 99

This week’s mini episode is about keeping things in perspective and not taking things personally at work. We hear great advice from one of our wisest guests, Julia Paige, Uber’s global head of Social Impact. How often have you been rattled by something someone has said to you at work, then spent hours ruminating and worrying about how you're perceived by others? Spare yourself the pain and check out this mini episode to help you realise if it's work ...it's not personal! ....

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