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Hear fascinating stories from innovative and pioneering women around the globe and get to know the person behind the success story - you know, the one who has experienced the same kind of doubts, fears and tough times as most of us have.

Look out for bonus ‘How To’ episodes where our Co-Hosts, experienced leaders and Non Executive Directors Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, explore common career issues and share practical and proven tools to tackle these challenges.

Compassion + Contribution – Dr Lineo Thahane

Interview | Episode 177

If you’re anything like us and fed up with all the bleak news, then this week’s episode may be just what you need; a guaranteed dose of positivity, progress and inspiration! We're joined by the humble and impressive Dr Lineo Thahane. Lineo is a paediatrician and is Executive Director of a major medical clinic in the Kingdom of Lesotho called the Baylor College of Medicine Children's Foundation Lesotho.  Lesotho, a tiny country in southern Africa, is ranked number two in terms of the countries with the highest proportion of its adult population living with HIV in the world. Nearly one in 4 adults is HIV positive and many children are too....

Bullies on Notice – Amy Cuddy

Interview | Episode 176

We’re super excited this week to share a conversation with the globally known best selling author, TED speaker, social psychologist, and incredible roller skater, Amy Cuddy. Amy’s TED talk on body language, the benefits of power poses and holding an expansive body posture is the second most viewed TED talk of all time.  In this special episode where Greta met with Amy in Sydney, they focus on the work and writing that has kept Amy busy since she shot to fame with her TED talk and her follow-on best selling book. Amy’s new work is all about bullying, particularly bullying in the workplace. This is something Amy unfortunately has had some pretty extreme first hand experience with. ..

Burning Out? Top Tips from Claire’s Health ‘Intervention’

Top Tips | Episode 175

Feeling burnt out? Wondering how you’ll get to the end of the year? Well that’s exactly how Claire was feeling a few weeks ago. . . until she decided an intervention was needed. A gruelling work schedule for ten months plus a second bout of Covid earlier this year left Claire wondering if she’d ever feel 100% again. So, realising she had a short window of time,  she did what any self-respecting woman lucky enough to be in a position to do: she booked herself into a health retreat! The good news is that you don’t have to go anywhere to learn what Claire learnt during her retreat because we’re sharing all the goodies here....

Revealing Their Secrets, Protecting Ours – Abigail Bradshaw

Interview | Episode 174

If you’re thinking the title of this week’s episode sounds distinctly like it’s describing modern day espionage and intelligence agencies you would be right! We are super excited to share this exclusive conversation with Australia’s Cyber Security leader, Abigail Bradshaw. Abi is Head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) which is part of the national Intelligence agency known as the Australian Signals Directorate. As our title suggests, she describes her job as “revealing other peoples’ secrets whilst protecting our own” ...

How To Be Heard

How To Episode | Episode 173

We’ve all been there, sitting in that meeting trying to get our point across and becoming infuriated because someone we work with repeatedly ignores what we say in meetings. Being heard at work isn’t as simple as just speaking up. Research shows that particularly if you’re a woman or a minority it’s harder to have your ideas, your comments and contributions acknowledged and accepted. But there are things we can do to help overcome the challenges we sometimes face and in this episode Claire and Greta take you through numerous ways you can improve your influence at work and ensure your messages and communications are landing as well as they can...

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