Women on a Mission!

Hear fascinating stories from innovative and pioneering women around the globe and get to know the person behind the success story - you know, the one who has experienced the same kind of doubts, fears and tough times as most of us have.

Look out for bonus ‘How To’ episodes where our Co-Hosts, experienced leaders and Non Executive Directors Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, explore common career issues and share practical and proven tools to tackle these challenges.

Mouna Aouri – Supporting Female Entrepreneurs to Realise their Dreams

Interview | Episode 100

This week’s 100th episode features a woman who has a pretty incredible story. Her name is Mouna Aouri and she’s a Tunisian who started out as a bridge engineer, including working for 7 years in Japan. (And Japan is NOT an easy place for women to work!). After running a successful business in her home country of Tunisia, Mouna now works in Singapore with Beacon Fund which is investing in female entrepreneurs in South East Asia. Not only that, she launched and runs her own online community supporting women entrepreneurs called ‘Woomentum’. 

Future Proof Me – It’s Not Personal!

Future Proof Me Mini Episode | Episode 99

This week’s mini episode is about keeping things in perspective and not taking things personally at work. We hear great advice from one of our wisest guests, Julia Paige, Uber’s global head of Social Impact. How often have you been rattled by something someone has said to you at work, then spent hours ruminating and worrying about how you're perceived by others? Spare yourself the pain and check out this mini episode to help you realise if it's work ...it's not personal! ....

How to Say ‘No’ at Work

How To Episode | Episode 98

A recent Microsoft trends in work report showed that 40 billion more emails were sent in February 2021 than the previous February, due to the increase in remote working. No wonder so many of us are feeling burnt out and that our work/life boundaries are all askew!  We’re happy to say our latest ‘How To’ episode is jam-packed with tips on how to appropriately say “No” at work, whether you’re an employee or work for yourself.  We’re not saying it’s always right or easy to say “No” but what we do observe in our leadership work around the world is that some people say “Yes” way more than they need to and can be taken advantage of ...

Future Proof Me – Future Proofing Your Skills

Future Proof Me Mini Episode | Episode 97

This week’s mini episode focuses on staying current with your skills in the fast changing world of work. Something that’s relevant for all of us given the pace of technology change!  In this episode, we hear from drone and tech expert, Dr Catherine Ball, whom we featured on the show about a year and a half ago. Cath is a strong believer in how important it is for corporates and individuals to think about re-training in order to keep up with where technology is taking us all. Plus she shares some great resources as well great advice on how networking and linking in with industry associations to help you learn and make your next career step...

Dr Jacinta Jiménez – Fixing Burnout

Interview | Episode 96

We’re excited to bring you this week’s important conversation with psychologist, burnout expert, author and leadership coach, Dr Jacinta Jiménez. Jacinta had broken new ground with this book deconstructing and presenting burnout in an actionable way we’d never seen before, and all of it is science backed. Jacinta studied and obtained her doctorate in Psychology from Stanford University where she focused on peak performance, motivation and behaviour change. What makes her so interesting to speak to and learn from is that she has also more recently spent several years in the tech startup world helping to build a coaching-at-scale business called BetterUp, in San Francisco...

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